D18 Foto „English Edition“ coming soon!

The German punk band “Die Toten Hosen” was always on my radar. Well, sort of. I knew about them and sure, I could sing along to “Alex” and the “Opel Gang”. But I became a true fan, when they released “Learning English: Lesson one”, in 1991. The collection of English punk classics really hit me. I don’t know why, but they did. And the title of that album… Just great! And really “punk”! The first track of the CD begins with a voice telling you that the English lesson is about to begin and that I should always have paper and pencil ready to take notes. Then the music starts. Those opening word popped up in my mind, when I thought about ways to reach a bigger audience for my video blog. The fact that there are more English speaking people in the world than German speakers wasn’t exactly news to me, but doing my blog in English never really occurred to me. “Broadcasting” from Germany in anything but German sounded a bit artificial and strange to me. However, the global village speaks English and photography – my big passion – is an international topic. And then there are my friends from the US and other places who have no idea, what the hell I am babbling about in my blog…"So, now you guys get to understand my pieces of photographic euphoria as well... Well, (some of) you guys asked for it! 🙂 So I decided to give it a go and test the waters. From now on, I will produce a few episodes every year in English. Let’s see what happens. Here the announcement video. So, I guess I can’t go back now. A promise is a promise!