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Film is Un-Dead - Why you should get (back) into film photography and how to truly enjoy the analog experience

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Did film die? Yes, it did. However, you will find that film is still around. Film, as well as analog cameras, are best described as un-dead. If you look closely, you will find that in the shadows there is an army of enthusiastic film shooters. Professionals and hobbyists alike keep the art and craft of analog photography from dying completely—and they’re doing a great job. First and foremost they are creating great photos. Their pictures are seen on billboards, ads, galleries, books, and all over the Internet. Once you start looking, you’ll realize analog shooters are everywhere. Like all good vampires, they walk the earth with grace, are pretty darn sexy and don’t really care about hype and current trends, for their magic has been around for ages and will never disappear. This book was written as a labour of love of one passionate film photographer to all those digital shooters who are thinking about getting (back) into analog picture taking. It offers tips, pieces of valuable advice and is simply a fun read for any and all who love photography in its purest form. To buy the ebook, just klick on this link. To get the print version, klick here. If you want to help me spread the gosple of film photography, please leave a review on Amazon. This helps get the book more visible and more people can find it. And as always: please tell your friend about the book. Thanks!!